Association EUCUSA e.V.

The foundation of the association in 1997 was inspired by the questions: What keeps your clients satisfied? How can we establish customer satisfaction as a pan-European concept? How can we promote competition for satisfied customers? The EUCUSA-Award shall be conferred every year to most customer-friendly companies. General secretary: Harald R. Preyer

The name EUCUSA: European Customer Satisfaction Association

Scientific companion is the institute for Benchmarking of the Fraunhofer organization in Berlin. Martin Carbon developed and investigated models to measure customer satisfaction.


Management Consultancy founded: EUCUSA Gesellschaft für Mitarbeiter- und Kundenorientierung m.b.H. (organization for employee- and customer orientation)

It was already evident in 1998 that Organizations want to be able to measure customer satisfaction in a feasible, as well as scientifically sound way and needed a commercially operating, professional provider. The specialized Management Consultancy was founded.

EUCUSA methodology

The correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction soon became obvious. This led to the testing and development of the EUCUSA methodology to measure both employee and customer satisfaction. Our methodology uses tailor-made questionnaires on the basis of a 6-point scale and a rating of relevant aspects to assess importance of various aspects for client companies.




Since the turn of the millennium, companies like the Generali-Holding Austria (EUCUSA manager Mario Filoxenidis was among contractors in those days), OMV and Bosch commissioned EUCUSA to carry out employee surveys on a European or global level. The team grew with its clients and a new site in Waidhausenstraße in Vienna 14 was established. We think global and act local!


Individual technology

As of 2006 EUCUSA started developing its own server-based software for the automated evaluation build. IT expertise (programming) was developed in our own ranks. As of 2011 the digital online survey was put on a new, modern basis.


The big economic crisis

EUCUSA could not evade the global banking and financial crisis either. Large customers started saving money in the area of marketing and human resources. Previously signed contracts were cancelled. Restructuring measures were implemented at EUCUSA. Basic trust, strong cohesion of the team and a focus on the development of potential, pay-off in the long run.


The small sister: EUCUSA Processing GmbH

In 2013 joint CEO’s Mario Filoxenidis and Peter Aichberger, who were on board as of 2001 and 2004 respectively as project managers, founded the sister company focusing primarily on digital tools and process development and complementing the service portfolio through printing and logistic services.


EUCUSA Consulting GmbH: A new name. And new management.

In 2015 the Management Consultancy is renamed. Like before consulting and project management is offered. The new name is more easily understood especially in an international context. Mario Filoxenidis and Peter Aichberger take over the management of EUCUSA Consulting together.


New Office with a broad perspective

In 2016 EUCUSA moves into a new, modern office building in Mariahilfer Straße, in the 15th district in Vienna and restructures the IT area (hosting in an adjacent, certified computer center, further extension of data security).


The Digitalization proceeds

In 2017 EUCUSA starts developing a new digital platform called E-FEMO on which all EUCUSA tools are bundled up.


20 years EUCUSA

In 2018 EUCUSA celebrates its 20th anniversary. We are happy and proud of the development of our team and celebrate it with our employees, partners and customers.


Covid as challenge

EUCUSA takes up the challenge and develops the Home Office Check as mood barometer for office employees who (have to) work from home. EUCUSA also offers the Future Readiness Check® to facilitate an overall picture of an organisation and enables a succesfull re-start.


E-FEMO in full operation

The new digital platform E-FEMO is fully integrated, i.e. the development of all tools has been completed and is state-of-the-art. All survey data from the previous evaluation software has been migrated.


25 years EUCUSA

We celebrate 25 years of trusted partnership with our dedicated partners and clients who have accompanied us on this journey.