Reference: Eurofoam Group

EUCUSA’s Future Readiness Check® provided us with a solid foundation to develop a strategy and vision.

„Applying EUCUSA’s Future Readiness Check ®, we obtained a complete 360° view on future topics that are relevant to us, considering not just our employees’ but also supplier and customer opinions. This provided us with valuable input for our strategy development and was a good starting point for creating a vision which will also reflect stakeholder opinions. The results as well as the broad consent of our stakeholders encouraged us as the management to adapt our organisation in a way to be ready for any upcoming future challenges (the survey was conducted in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria). Thank you very much for the fantastic cooperation and consulting as well as the excellent project management coupled with high flexibility in our common project!“

Jürgen Kleinrath, CEO

Eurofoam Group