The steps towards the goal

EUCUSA is a consulting company which focuses on the implementation of strategic employee and customer surveys as well as supporting the resulting follow-up processes. Though this approach we want to increase reflective capability, start processes, and increase commitment and satisfaction to sustainably and positively influence the corporate culture. This contributes to improve the performance and Corporate Development.

Our vision:

We want to make the world a better place

We want to make the world a better place through employee and customer orientated actions that are based on aligned aims and perceptions.

Our mission:

ask with impact – act with value

We act with integrity, transparency and trust to design tailor-made feedback systems for our customers that deliver validated and reliable results. By using sophisticated statistical methods important issues are revealed, for example, sensitivities, attitudes and perceptions.

Equipped with this knowledge, leaders can make well informed decisions which deliver better results.

We pride ourselves on an approach which is appreciative, pragmatic and delivers transparent and actionable results.

We mind an effective implementation. An EUCUSA survey is perceived positively and as a respectful and appreciative intervention.
We collect individual opinions and create a true reflection of the organization. The results are represented in significant, clear and easily readable reports.

Presentation of results with proven EUCUSA Action Portfolio

Via the EUCUSA methodology strategic strengths are recognized and further potential is identified.
EUCUSA customers with an outstanding performance in the area of employee and customer orientation are awarded with the EUCUSA Award. The criteria for the award are an exceptional overall result in an EUCUSA survey, the implementation of a new benchmark in the EUCUSA international reference database as well as an outstanding performance with regard to the implementation of identified measurable actions.

Presentation of results with proven EUCUSA Action Portfolio