How well is your company set up for a successful future?

More Info on the Future Readiness Check®

Future Readiness Check

How well is your company set up for a successful future?

More Info on the Future Readiness Check®

Future Readiness Check

Our Mission

We act with integrity, transparency and trust to design tailor-made feedback systems for our customers that deliver validated and reliable results. By using sophisticated statistical methods important issues are revealed, for example, sensitivities, attitudes and perceptions. Equipped with this knowledge, leaders can make well informed decisions which deliver better results. We pride ourselves on an approach which is appreciative, pragmatic and delivers transparent and actionable results.


Expert with competence and experience


Employee survey, customer feedback or Feedback on demand: EUCUSA surveys are perceived as a respectful intervention. We support you in increasing employee and customer satisfaction and to achieve sustainable excellence. Our motto: We want to make the world a better place.

Flexible feedback tools – simply effective


Fast feedback via digital platform: EUCUSA Processing develops web-based tools for high quality questionnaires to support your organization. We provide you with added value by connecting modern software solutions with years of experience in consulting services.

Products & Services

Customer surveys

It is possible to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty and at the same time convey appreciation and respect. In strategic customer surveys you additionally highlight different characteristics and benefits for your customers and create additional needs.

Employee surveys

EUCUSA employee surveys are a feedback system providing a valuable contribution in achieving your strategic corporate goals.

Feedback on demand

Senior managers need quick responses by employees or customers to take fast decisions when they are due. Often this tool is used between regular, periodical instantaneous surveys.


360-degree surveys are powerful instruments for developing staff members and entire organizations. Experts and managers are assessed from different perspectives regarding their competence and performance.

Future Readiness Check®

The Future Readiness Check® provides a holistic picture how well an organization is prepared for a successful future...

Action Tracker

Our tool enables our customers to easily track actions following the survey, monitor progress and provide an overview on the implementation status.

Report Manager

After survey completion, the E-FEMO report manager allows to assign reports exactly to those whom they have been designed for...