Internal customer survey

Internal customer surveys are customer surveys to measure the internal service quality. Hence, the employees of a company are invited to give their opinion on the performance of the company in a determined area.

Why use internal customer surveys?

to strengthen interfaces between departments
to facilitate respect for internal service providers
to measure and increase service quality
to evaluate the efficiency of Service Level Agreements
to measure and optimize the commitment of internal service providers

Characteristics inherent to the measurement of internal service quality

Not every employee can assess every internal service provider. At the beginning of an online survey we define the content of the survey and the respective departments which need to be assessed. Only these project-specific aspects will then be reported in the survey. Being able to compare all surveyed departments while specifically and simultaneously looking at the characteristics of each service unit is a challenge when setting up the questionnaire.

Communication is essential

One important success factor is to develop a consistent communication concept, starting with the right communication about the survey, including transparent information about the survey results and ending with informing about determined actions and decisions about how to implement the actions. Internal customer surveys are usually carried out anonymously. However, in companies with a highly developed reflective culture, they are increasingly carried out openly. That means that the internal service provider knows who will evaluate him/her and can act directly on individual feedback. It has already proven good to integrate the works council early into the project on a partner-like level. All aspects of the protection of personal rights need to be considered: regarding individual respondents as well as responsible persons in the assessed areas.

Significance in global enterprises

Since service departments are more and more frequently outsourced to Shared Service Centers (internal consolidation and centralization of service processes) as well as Off-Shoring and Near-Shoring concepts (determined processes of a company are relocated to other countries or rather to neighboring countries), internal customer surveys become ever more important. Having conducted over 1,000 projects in more than 50 languages worldwide EUCUSA provides a lot of expertise and know-how in this area.