Reference: BKS Bank AG

With the first group-wide employee survey, we feel we are in good hands with EUCUSA.

"We have been working with the EUCUSA team around Mr. Uwe Baco for a long time on a basis of deep trust. This year, in 2021, we conducted our employee survey across the entire group for the first time in Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Croatia. Although we knew about Mr Baco’s precision, speed and flexibility, he once again exceeded our expectations. Not only is he an expert, but he is simply a wonderful person to work with. His project plan is very detailed, and we jointly worked through it step by step. He kept being flexible to any special requests during the project, and we now control the implementation of all follow-up activities in the newly revised tracking tool. We feel we are in good hands with EUCUSA and Mr. Baco and consider the employee survey a valuable tool for employer branding as well as for employee retention."

Dr. Martin Schreiner, Recruiting, Human Resources Development and Human Resources Agendas Abroad


BKS Bank, headquartered in Klagenfurt, Austria, employs around 1,100 people and operates their banking and leasing business in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia.