17 September 2019: 17th EUCUSA Summer Talks

September 19, 2019

On September 17, 2019, EUCUSA invited to their 17th EUCUSA Summer Talks held this year in the Assembly Hall of the University of Vienna campus (Altes AKH) under the title “The Power of data – information overflow – lack of knowledge”

In his keynote speech, Cornelius Granig PhD, Management Consultant and Cyber Security expert discussed the power of data and risks of digitalization from a historical and from today’s perspective.

Professor Matthias Beck PhD, theologist, pharmacist and physician looked at the question what type of information actually leads to real understanding and whether information overflow entailing mass data and over stimulation could potentially cause a “lack of knowledge.

The event was presented by EUCUSA’s CEO Mario Filoxenidis M.A. who also led the following vivid discussion with the audience.

The talks were followed by the 2019 EUCUSA Award presentation.

Keynote Speaker and Presenter (from left):
Mario Filoxenidis (CEO EUCUSA), Matthias Beck, Cornelius Granig, Peter Aichberger (CEO EUCUSA)

COPYRIGHT FOTO: EUCUSA / Susanne Einzenberger