EUCUSA provides award for excellent employee orientation 2020 to UNIQA Insurance Group AG

September 17, 2020

Mario Filoxenidis (EUCUSA) provided the EUCUSA award for “excellent employee orientation 2020” in the Vienna EUCUSA office to UNIQA Insurance Group AG. The UNIQA Project Managers Robert Linke (Head of Group Human Resources), Astrid Napetschnig and Doris Blauensteiner (Human Resources, Talent Development and Apprenticeship ID) with Florian Graßmück (Employer Branding) were very delighted to receive the recognition.

Employee surveys as one pillar towards a better company culture

UNIQA has been fostering an open and trustful exchange between employees for many years and considers feedback as a central element of its company culture. Regular employee surveys (conducted by the consulting company EUCUSA since 2017) have been a central pillar to consolidate the company feedback culture.

The success factors for the 2020 EUCUSA Award

43 out of 44 aspects (questions) have shown significant improvement compared to the employee survey in 2019. The areas “Training and development activities “, “Employees are assets “, “Quality of internal meetings” and “Successful future” (convinced to be on the right track) have shown best progress according to the employees’ opinions, made possible through subsequent improvement activities and continuous controlling.

The aspect “Special effort” (i.e. being willing to go the extra mile) had already been excellent before and could hardly be improved.

5 new benchmarks were reached in the EUCUSA international comparison database, with the aspects “Mutual substitution” “Needs of customers” (both in category work processes), “Promotion of cooperation”, “Delegation” (both in category leadership”) and “Salary scheme” (category professional development). With these benchmarks, UNIQA has established a new measure of success.

We share the winner’s happiness and express our warmest congratulations.

Award winner UNIQA Insurance Group AG (from the left):
Mario Filoxenidis (Managing Director EUCUSA), Astrid Napetschnig (Human Resources Personnel development and training UNIQA), Doris Blauensteiner (Human Resources Personnel development and training UNIQA, Project Leader employee survey), Julia Gödel (Project Manager EUCUSA)

COPYRIGHT FOTO: EUCUSA / Susanne Einzenberger