Working from home due to Corona – how are you?

March 23, 2020

Many office workers currently face a new work challenge by being forced to work from home following Corona crisis. Some are not really used to this way of work, and there are quite a few challenges in an already tense environment. Others are already familiar with working from home. How do you feel about this?

As an expert for feedback systems, we as EUCUSA would like to help with our core competency. We will regularly create a mood sentiment barometer of the current situation and publish the results at no cost on our website.

Please let us know how you feel. You will find a short survey with an online questionnaire under Answering those questions will not even take 5 minutes. Your answers will be processed anonymously and only be part of general group results. Your participation is free, and we will not bother you with unrequested emails. However, if you have questions, you may of course contact us by sending your email to

With this survey, we will be able to provide a valuable overview of the current mood of those working from home. We will regularly update our website with the results and publish these in different media. The greater your participation, the clearer the overall picture.

Furthermore, we have already started contemplating the post-corona-future. Thanks to your contribution, the public eye will early understand what people working from home need, what they miss and what works well. This way we as well as all other organizations will learn how to optimize their respective procedures for working from home going forward.

Thank you for your participation! PS: Please feel free to forward the link to your friends and family also working from home – we look forward to your participation.